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  • Apr 29 / 2011
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13 Social Media, Sales and Leadership Tips in 140 Characters or Fewer

Here’s a selection of tweets, tips and insights I have posted to Twitter over the past month. If you have any of your own — add them in the comments below. Have a great weekend.

  1. Social media tip: life is an experiment. Be willing to make mistakes, challenge your own assumptions and break the mold to win.
  2. Social Media Tip: It’s not social if the result isn’t about building relationships, trust or community.
  3. Social Media Steps: 1: Have a goal. 2: Know your market. 3: Monitor & Listen. 4: Identify Needs 5: Create Focused Content & Conversation.
  4. Social Media Tip: You can’t buy trust and you can’t outsource authenticity.
  5. Social Media Tip: the customer is operating in real-time. Socialize your whole team so you can too!
  6. Social Media Tip: Always go back to the basics. If you’re no longer getting the results you want, look at what you stopped doing.
  7. Social Media Tip: The numbers mean very little. A small group of passionate people is and always has been a majority.
  8. Leadership Tip: The quest for knowledge for the sake of empowering those around us is one of the most powerful intents in leadership.
  9. Leadership Tip: Don’t let your Ego separate you from other people. We are more alike than we are different.
  10. Sales Tip: treat mid-month with as much urgency as month end and your year end will look a lot better.
  11. Social Media Tip: it’s okay to make mistakes — but remedy them quickly — apologize and then move on 🙂
  12. Social Media Tip: it’s never too late to say thank-you. Reach out a acknowledge those in your community who make a difference.
  13. Social Media Tip: People don’t care about your marketing tweets until they know how much you care about them.
  • Jun 12 / 2008
  • Comments Off on Sales Blog – Why prospects won’t do business with a sales person.
Sales Blog

Sales Blog – Why prospects won’t do business with a sales person.

According to a North American study, here are some of the reasons given for not dealing with a salesperson:

• Not following the company’s buying process (26%)
• Not listening to customer’s needs (18%)
• Not following up (17%)
• Being pushy, aggressive or not respectful (12%)
• Not explaining the solution objectively (10%)
• Making exaggerated or inaccurate claims (6%)
• Not understanding the company’s market (4%)
• Being too familiar (3%)
• Not knowing or not respecting the competition (2%)

Harvard Business Review, July/August, 2006

This is an affirmation of some of my past podcasts and entries on the endless line-up of sales gurus claiming to have the ultimate sales process to sell you. The best process is the process the client uses to buy. This comes getting good at rapport, asking the right questions, an being mindful of the stage of relationship development we are in with the client.

Shane Gibson

  • May 25 / 2008
  • Comments Off on Shane Gibson on Sales Performance – Globe and Mail.com
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Shane Gibson on Sales Performance – Globe and Mail.com

I was invited to host a discussion on sales performance on GlobeandMail.com (Canada’s leading National newspaper). Following is an excerpt of the program:

How to boost your sales skills

Globe and Mail Update

May 23, 2008 at 1:19 PM EDT

Success in business means being able to sell. You can have the best product, or service, or staff in the market, but if you can’t convince others to believe in you, or more simply, favour your brand over the others, it will all go for nought. This is true whether your trying to get hired, win a contract, secure financing or close a deal.

It’s for that reason we’ve asked Shane Gibson, a Vancouver-based sales expert and author of Closing Bigger: The field guide to closing bigger deals to provide insights and advice on how to improve your sales skills. Mr. Gibson combines a background in sales, new entrepreneur development and leadership coaching. His clients include CMA Canada, The Ford Motor Company of Canada, UBC’s Sauder Business School, Allied Van lines, and The Toronto Board of Trade.

Mr. Gibson was online earlier to take your questions. Read more

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