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Sales Blog Entry – Evaluating Sales Training Companies (From Training Magazine)

Sales Blog

Sales Blog Entry – Evaluating Sales Training Companies (From Training Magazine)

I read this article recently on evaluating sales training companies. It’s pretty straight forward but the bottom line is too many organizations focus on “price” and “adult learning” versus results and track record. If I was to developing a sales training RFP to screen potential vendors I would focus more on the ROI per training dollar and the longevity of the implementation and process. I like where Dave Stein has started here, in a future blog entry I’ll talk more about this process of developing a training RFP when selection sales training companies.

Why Doing It Wrong Will Cost You Millions (Training Magazine)
By Dave Stein

So you’ve decided to procure sales training for your organization. You’ve winnowed the possibilities down to a short list. What’s next? How do you decide which vendor is right for your organization? One of the many responsibilities that sales managers have is evaluating and selecting a sales effectiveness solutions provider (ESP), or a sales training company.

For many managers this is a daunting task. Most ESPs that have been in business for a while have more successful engagements than failures; therefore selecting the right ESP is a process of differentiating them on their characteristics and programs, then matching their capabilities with your needs. Read the rest of the article at trainingmag.com

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