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How to Hire the Right Social Media Manager the First Time

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How to Hire the Right Social Media Manager the First Time

How to hire and recruit a social media manager or community manager

Hiring a social media manager, social media coordinator, chief tweeter or whatever you might call it is a challenging endeavor. There are many brands which have experienced great success and many who have also shot the foot off of their brand on the internet. Social media is not a department or a cubicle, it represents the most powerful word of mouth (or word of mouse) channels that have ever existed. Too many organizations aren’t strategic about who they hire internally or how they intend on implementing social media and integrating it into their business processes. Today’s podcast covers four major areas you need to look at (there are many more) before hiring.

  • Nice! I just wrote a Social Media Manager spec for a client and youve just confirmed everything I was thinking! Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      That’s great Christopher. Cheers!

  • Paul McEwan

    Sounds good Shane.

  • Great, practical advice!

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