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Social Media ROI for Business

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Social Media ROI for Business

The most common question I hear as a consultant when working with clients to integrate their sales, marketing and social media strategies is “What is the ROI ( Return on Investment ) for Social Media and Social Networks.” Many business people and companies struggle with the ROI on tools like Twitter, Blogging, FaceBook, or Video online.  Based upon a book I have been working on called “Social ROI” which addresses the ROI in community engagement I have put together this podcast on 26 ways to measure Social Media ROI. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated (especially if I missed one!). (Direct Download)

What is the ROI or Return on Investment in Social Media for Business?

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  • There are lots of thing to be consider in social media marketing. But the after seeing the result, the hardwork and patience will be paid. In finance, rate of return (ROR), also known as return on investment (ROI), rate of profit or sometimes just return, is the ratio of money gained or lost (whether realized or unrealized) on an investment relative to the amount of money invested. The amount of money gained or lost may be referred to as interest, profit/loss, gain/loss, or net income/loss. The money invested may be referred to as the asset, capital, principal, or the cost basis of the investment. ROI is usually expressed as a percentage rather than a fraction.

  • There are really lots of things to concern about in Social media ROI. This is really awesome Shane. Thanks for posting.

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    There really is a lot of concern in the social media ROI. Shane is really great. Thank you for posting.

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